Work-life balance. Often aspired to, discussed, craved, often elusive.

We work our behinds off for years or decades determined to get there eventually. Then we’re faced with stress-related health issues – high-blood pressure, insomnia, lack of appetite. weight gain (even when not eating!), distance from family because we’re trying to protect them, etc.

Life is always balanced, we just often don’t see it. The universe is always moving us in the direction of our purpose, even if we feel challenged. I get it. I coach it. Sometimes I forget to practice it for long periods until the universe smacks me in the face with a 2×4 because I didn’t listen to the whispers.

This week I hit the wall full face-plant.

The universe never throws a challenge at us we can’t handle and it always provides support and challenge in equal measure.

This week, after months of delay, this beautiful oasis was finally ready right when I needed it most.

Take time to just be, hopefully with those you love. Start with yourself.

Gratitude to all my friends and mentors who’ve been there for me through this. Greatest gratitude to my amazing wife, daughter, and the rest of my immediate family who are always there for me.

The Great Resignation is happening for a reason, but it doesn’t need to. Find balance in every crazy pandemic moment.

I’m working on it.

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