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Peter Jessen

Who Am I?

I am the son of German immigrants who survived World War Two as children and met on the ship coming to the US in 1960. They were goal-setting and achieving masters, without ever knowing it. They started with almost nothing and created a wonderful life together with a loving family. They influenced, directly and indirectly, thousands of people as family, employers, friends, and leaders. They lived the American Dream.

As the child of immigrants, I believe I understand at a deeper level than many the incredible freedoms and opportunities we have in this country and the threat those freedoms are currently facing.

I am a man dedicated to being of service – starting as a Naval Officer, later as a consultant in software development and enterprise transformation, now as a coach helping people transform their lives through my inspired, innovative coaching based on my years of study – including: iPEC Coaching, Demartini Method, Demartini Values Determination Process, PSI Seminars, and Bob Proctor.

I am a libertarian who sees the need for a new, inspired political movement based on the foundational principles of the United States, universal principles, and personal responsibility.

I am an inspired leader, teacher, and coach. Since I was a child, I have been teaching others. I impact people’s lives without realizing it by simply being me. I am at my best when I come from my heart and my head joined together. I was the Naval Officer who rarely gave an order, I asked. I’ve been coaching people before I even knew what coaching was. I am drawn to inspiring ways of helping people become more authentic.

I am an aspiring polymath. I have a broader depth and breadth of knowledge and experience than many, and less than some. My goal is to continue to expand my knowledge in areas that challenge and interest me. I am drawn to knowledge in all areas of human development and leadership that have the potential to empower individuals, groups, and organizations.

I am a lifelong freethinker who is starting to see the validity to the concept of the matrix, based on an understanding of the implications of the quantum enigma, and the relational interpretation of quantum physics. I am beginning to reconcile the concept of a universal plan or infinite intelligence that exists to move us to closer alignment with our purpose.

I am a husband to an incredible wife and a father to a wonderful daughter. I am a son who feels his father’s presence daily who lives across the street from his mother. I am a brother, cousin, and friend.

I am an adventurer and explorer who often fails to recognize the adventures he’s had and the exploration he’s done.

I am a creative genius and problem-solver who coaches individuals to solve problems through an understanding of their individual unique values and perceptual awareness and who solves complex business problems using expertise in areas of people, process, and technology.

I am a student of the universe.


I am committed to life-long learning, as demonstrated by this list of the most significant and meaningful (to me) credentials I've earned over the years.

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