In part 1, I introduced you to a mean-fragile leader and told you my story of being led by one – the Chief Engineering Officer (CHENG) of the USS Constellation (CV-64). I also shared my experience with a mean-fragile leader in the corporate world.

In part 2, I introduced you to a lean-agile leader and shared my experience being led by one – Commander Schalk of the USS Boulder (LST-1190).

Today we’re going to give you some tools that will help you identify which type of leader you are day to day.

You might want to print this article off and learn to work through the questions every time you are faced with a leadership decision. Better yet, would you rather have access to a free app on your phone which you could the moment of those leadership decisions? If so, continue reading to the end to learn more.

Here are some questions that can help:

1)   Do you see the world as a dog-eat-dog place of win or lose?

a.   Yes or No

2)   Do you see the world as a place of possibility where everyone can actually win and no one needs to lose?

a.   Yes or No

3)   Are you addicted to the approval of others?

a.   Yes or No

4)   Do you want others to win, but you know you need to win no matter what?

a.   Yes or No

5)   Do you believe agile is all about getting more software out the door and the answer is to push for more velocity?

a.   Yes or No

6)   Do you believe agile is about evaluating business hypotheses, experimentation, and ultimately delivering more value to customers at a healthy ROI?

a.   Yes or No

7)   Do you think everything would be okay if people just do what you tell them to do when you tell them to do it?

a.   Yes or No

8)   Do you believe people are always trying to do their best and have an inborn desire to create and innovate and your role is to help unleash that drive?

a.   Yes or No

9)   Do you believe the only thing that matters is the bottom line and meeting marketing dates?

a.   Yes or No

10) Do you believe that one of your highest priorities is getting impediments out of your people’s way so they can deliver value?

a.   Yes or No

11) Do you spend at least 15 minutes daily studying in your chosen profession as well as in other areas?

a.   Yes or No

Scoring: Add up your total points as follows: 1. Yes (-2) No (2), 2. Yes (5) No (-5), 3. Yes (-3) No (3), 4. Yes (3) No (-3), 5. Yes (-3) No (3), 6. Yes (5) No (-5), 7. Yes (-3) No (3), 8. Yes (5) No (-5), 9. Yes (-2) No (2), 10. Yes (4) No (-4), 11. Yes (6) No (-6).

The range of possible scores in -41 to +41. The more negative your score, the more mean-fragile traits you may possess. The more positive your score, the more lean-agile traits you may possess. In the end, the total score is irrelevant, because no single number can quantify a person’s mindset and perspective.

Far more important is actually the absolute value of each question, as that value equates to the level of consciousness or awareness that it represents on a seven-level scale known as the Energy Leadership Index (ELI).

If this series has intrigued you or piqued your curiosity about how to improve your leadership skills and how to measure that progress, then I invite you to download the free SCOPE app from the Apple Store or Google Play and try it out.

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You can find more information on Energy Leadership here. When you are ready to take the Assessment (I call it a mind MRI because of it’s powerful insights) and improve your leadership, of self and others, contact me.

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