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Peter Jessen

My experience comes from leading, training, and coaching individuals and teams as an employee and a coach/consultant in complex technical environments undergoing change and transformation at all levels – from my time as a US Navy, Surface Warfare Officer to my role as a consultant at such firms as Deloitte Consulting and MITRE Corp., to my current dual role: 1) as an independent working with executives leading agile transformations, and 2) as a private coach working with inspired individuals to find purpose and meaning in their lives while creating wealth in all areas.

My interest and focus on leadership development and mindset coaching began at an early age and solidified as a Navy Officer, where I served under three captains in two years with very different crew performance outcomes. (I share some of that experience in this blog post and this video.)

My unique combination of leadership, business, coaching, and technology skills led to my current results-driven focus on coaching entrepreneurs and leaders using a combination of:

  • Dr. John Demartini’s revolutionary Demartini Method and Values Determination Process in conjunction
  • The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching’s (iPEC) Core Energy Coaching Model, and
  • iPEC Coaching’s Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and SCOPE app to measure progress and pain points in real-time.


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Determine Your Values
To know how to get where you want to go you need to know where you are starting from. Determining your values is the first step of every engagement with Peter, because it's the first step in rediscovering your authentic self and purpose.
Review Your Values
We will review the results of your Values Determination Process to explore how those results make so much of your life make sense, as it is now. We will also explore aspects of your life to date through these results.
Get A Customized Plan of Action
Using your Values, combined with iPEC's Core Energy Coaching method and the Demartini Method, we will create a customized program to address your highest priority areas for growth.
Start Transforming Your Life
We will meet weekly (or more frequently if you want to accelerate the transformation) to review progress, determine next steps, set realistic goals, and target specific charges that arise.


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