Demartini Values Facilitator

The Demartini Values Determination Process is the creation of by Dr. John Demartini, one of the leading human behavioral specialists in the world, and one of my mentors.

Imagine the difference between a crew team rowing in cadence and unison versus the same crew team row haphazardly and against each other. The same team members, the same equipment, yet radically different results due to simple alignment and cadence. The same results can be achieved by agile teams and organizations by aligning individuals and teams to the values of the organization.

I challenge any executive or leader who wants to unleash the power of an aligned organization to speak with me about implementing the Demartini Values Process with a program, a team of teams, an Agile Release Train (ART) – whatever you call it in your company. Even better, we can demonstrate measurable results over a three-month period with AgileCraft®.

The Values Factor book explains the fundamentals of the Demartini Values Determination Process. I highly recommend it to everyone. You can determine your own values online here.

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