iPEC COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist

The COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist is an expert in all aspects of planning and performance, and has knowledge and skill in maximizing energy and overcoming all internal and external blocks for athletes. COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialists use a systematic and comprehensive program to build and use an athlete’s capacity and potential in order to optimize performance in practice, training, play, and serious competition. The system incorporates 10 COR.E Disciplines for high performance which form a foundation for living and performance that create a powerful state of awareness and a positive attitude. Athletes can take control over their performances in practice, play, competition, or in life in general, keeping them engaged in what they are doing, and bringing a continual level of enjoyment and satisfaction. Specialists in COR.E Performance Dynamics are certified experts in SCOPE™, the only assessment in the world that measures one’s energy in a given moment.
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